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SheCodes stands out in the industry by offering a welcoming community for beginner coders, dedicated technical and customer support, and a front-end curriculum full of hands-on coding projects

Want to learn valuable coding skills and enter the tech world but don’t know where to start? πŸ€” There are a lot of options online for coding courses and bootcamps (like the front-end development courses available from SheCodes) which can make choosing the right coding program for your particular learning style overwhelming! πŸ™€

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Coding Bootcamps University degree Codecademy Udemy YouTube
Good for beginner coders no previous coding knowledge needed βœ… Yes ❌ No βœ… Yes βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ No
Active online community connect with peers & receive technical help in real time βœ… Yes βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
Overall student rating higher than 4.9+/5 stars 🌟 extremely satisfied graduates βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No rating system ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No rating system
Knowledgeable instructors who you can contact to ask questions βœ… Yes ❌ Not guaranteed βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ Not guaranteed ❌ No
Flexible schedule watch lessons and practice coding on your own time βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No βœ… Yes βœ… Yes βœ… Yes
Dedicated support team get technical help and customer support whenever you need it βœ… Yes βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
Online certificate for graduates to add to LinkedIn and your portfolio βœ… Yes, up to 4 βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ Depends on membership βœ… Yes ❌ No
Course completion rate of 92%+ the majority of students who start classes complete them on time βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No ❌ (No way to track)
Weekly Deadlines to keep you on track βœ… Yes (Busy coders can ask for extensions) βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
Portfolio ready projects with technical feedback given βœ… Yes βœ… Yes βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
Homework, projects, and coding challenges personally checked by technical instructors βœ… Yes ❌ Varies βœ… Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No

Why choose SheCodes?

At SheCodes, we are passionate about helping women around the world learn to code and closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Tens of thousands of women have already learned to code with SheCodes, with an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars! 🌟

Because we’re committed to closing that gender gap and because we believe in what we offer students, we have created this quick comparison between the SheCodes Workshops and alternative online coding courses. Read through and learn why we are confident that SheCodes is the best choice to learn how to code.Β 

Why choose an online coding course?

You don't need a degree to become a programmer β€” you can enroll in an online or in-person coding bootcamp or even teach yourself.

An online coding course can be your ticket to the tech industry (Read our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Tech
for some tips and insights). Coding skills make candidates stand out in a variety of industries where women are frequently underrepresented, like Software and Webpage Development, Quality Testing, IT, and Cyber Security.

Browse our SheCodes Success Stories to learn more about how new coding skills changed lives.

Online coding classes are different from a traditional university computer science degree. Since the average tuition cost of a 4-year degree in the US is $28,775, many students look for alternatives. Online coding courses streamline the learning process to prepare students for certain career pathways with practical knowledge, projects, and hands-on experience. Instead of spending years and deciding what works for you, these courses are usually finished in months.

Coding workshops like SheCodes Pro can take you from a total beginner to a pro in less than half a year (8 weeks full time, 6 months part-time for our course).Β 

What should you look for in an online coding course?

Make sure your investment in education is worth it by choosing the right coding course for you. Unfortunately, many students who start online coding courses never finish! This is usually due to a lack of customized technical support, lessons that don’t fully explain the material for beginners, and low motivation due to an absence of community feeling.

For busy students, the ability to learn at your own pace is crucial. Choosing whether to do your classes during the night, when the kids are asleep in the afternoon, or on the weekends can make learning to code possible while dealing with a busy life. Deadlines, homework, and hands-on projects can be essential for keeping students on track.

Look through the curriculum, length, and estimated time commitment per week for success to see if it will fit into your life. See if the students end the course with completely individualized projects they can add to their portfolios. Many online final projects involve copying the instructor's webpage, resulting in final projects that are all exactly the same, which will not impress recruiters.

When there are thousands of reviews, it can be difficult to read them all, but looking at the overall score will give you a good idea of how students feel.

There have never been more ways to learn to code, read in-depth comparisons of some of the more popular options by clicking the options below!

Detailed Comparisons

SheCodes vs Others

Here are some direct comparisons to other courses which students frequently considered or tried before joining SheCodes

Coding Bootcamps

SheCodes vs Coding Bootcamps

SheCodes differs from the average bootcamp by offering a welcoming and inviting online community, dedicated technical support, and guiding students to the creation of completely personalized portfolio-ready projects

Compare SheCodes vs Coding Bootcamps β†’

University degree

SheCodes vs University degree

SheCodes online courses are much more affordable and flexible with a shorter time commitment than a traditional computer science university degree

Compare SheCodes vs University degree β†’


SheCodes vs Codecademy

SheCodes stands out with deadlines and homeworks that keep students on track, dedicated customer and technical support, an active online community, and completely personalized portfolio-ready projects

Compare SheCodes vs Codecademy β†’


SheCodes vs Udemy

SheCodes is the best choice for learning to code with our structured curriculum, dedicated customer & technical support, and high 92% student completion rate

Compare SheCodes vs Udemy β†’


SheCodes vs YouTube

SheCodes stands out by offering a structured curriculum, customer and technical support, an active online community, and hands-on coding projects

Compare SheCodes vs YouTube β†’


Here's what our students say

5/5 - Highly recommended

What can I say? Where do I start? I truly wanted to learn about coding and with so many different bootcamps online, I didn't know which one to pick. Now that I've completed the first certificate (SheCode Basic), I'm thankful I chose SheCode. You have deadlines, a fantastic learning structure, countless videos and detailed information, a real-time project to complete and bonus point : a fantastic community of amazing ladies. Honestly, can't wait to start SheCode Plus! 🌷

5/5 - Highly recommended

I have tried other introductory bootcamps, but this is by far the best! Great teacher, pacing, and it is fun!

5/5 - Highly recommended

After almost 6 years on the helpdesk I decided to make a change and get into something more interesting, I had tried all kinds of tutorials and signed up for loads of bootcamps and it all ended up being either too expensive or not the right fit. Matt taught us in short bursts and still allowed room for us to look and find answers on our own! He not only taught me how to code but he taught me how to find the answers I need as well so that I can continue to teach myself! Looking forward to more workshops from SheCodes!

5/5 - Highly recommended

I had already done several online courses for coding before trying this one, but this one was well designed in terms of being user-friendly with helpful challenges for each lesson that consolidated the learning, and helped me feel more confident in my knowledge and skills. The course overall was lots of fun and feedback was very prompt!

5/5 - Highly recommended

I've started other coding bootcamps before but had a really hard time following.. this is A W E S O M E! I finally feel like I can follow, I learn and I feel encouraged to do more. This is so exciting!

5/5 - Highly recommended

After trying some other coding bootcamps, I really thought that coding wasn't for me. Just as I was about to give up and quit trying, I discovered SheCodes - and I'm so glad that I did! After completing SheCodes Basics, I can confidently say that I do enjoy coding! Sometimes it just takes the right teacher and community of awesome women πŸ’ͺ


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