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🍪 SheCodes Cookie Policy

SheCodes uses specific technologies to monitor and track our site. This includes cookies, pixels, tags, scripts, and beacons - collectively referred to as "Cookies".

The Cookies we use help us
  • implement, maintain, and make improvements to our site and its services,
  • optimize our site, its services, and our promotional activities, and
  • provide our users an overall optimal user experience.
    • Cookies may help us improve the ways in which we track user preferences, provide our services to users, recognize and fix technical issues, and keep track of/improve our overall site performance and services.

The purpose of this page is to give information on Cookies to users, including what they are, which types are used on our site, how to update Cookie preferences in your browser, and helpful links for further information.

If you have further questions on our Cookie Policy after reading this page, please reach out to us at [email protected].

If you'd like more information on our general privacy practices, please also reference our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data (like text) that are stored on your device through a browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari. Storage of information is allowed on websites by Cookies. This stored information could include user preferences and login information, for example.

Cookies help provide a sort of memory for a specific website, so that your user preferences are stored and websites can recognize you when you revisit them in the future and respond appropriately.

There are a few Cookie classifications. Session cookies will delete automatically from your browser once you end a session or close your browser. Persistent cookies will remain stored on your device until you manually delete them, or until they expire.

How are Cookies used on the SheCodes website?

SheCodes uses various types of cookies on our site to provide our site and its services. We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. The Cookies we use include:
  • Performance Cookies - These Cookies aid us in securing our services and in better managing the performance of our services. These Cookies store user preferences so you don't have to re-enter your preferences each time you visit the SheCodes site.
  • Registration Cookies - When you sign up and sign in to SheCodes' services on our site, we utilize these types of Cookies. These Cookies alert us as to whether or not you are signed in on the site. They also help keep you logged in on the site or retain your login session.
    • The SheCodes servers utilize these Cookies to track down your account on our site and figure out which services you are signed in to access. Particular features are associated with specific services - and these cookies help us figure out which features you are permitted to access.
    • When you are signed in to the SheCodes site, we combine this Cookie information with information provided to us with Analytics Cookies (discussed next). This combination helps us discover information such as which pages on the site you have visited.
  • Analytics Cookies - If these types of cookies are allowed and not deleted, they alert us as to whether or not you have visited our site or used our services in the past. They also let us know how site visitors like you utilize our services. For example, we may be able to find out how many users have visited a specific page on the site, how often users have visited certain pages, or how users click around on our site in order to get our services.
    • The browser you are operating will alert us if you have these Cookies. If you don't have Analytics Cookies, but you allow new ones to be placed, then we will most likely place new ones to help us track our site analytics.
  • Cookies Integrated by Third-Parties - On certain pages of the SheCodes site, we mention other organizations that are affiliated with SheCodes. On these pages, if the organizations mentioned offer services, they may place their own Cookies in order to allow or improve the performance of these services, features, or tools that are integrated on the SheCodes site. They may also set their own Cookies in order to track their performance or better cater their services to users.
    Marketing and Advertising Cookies - Cookies of this type permit us to see whether or not you've come across an ad online, if you interacted with it or not, and in what time period you saw the ad. These Cookies are used to help us better target our advertisements. In some instances, we may even use Cookies of this type prepared by another organization to be better able to target advertisements to specific audiences.
    • SheCodes may also set Cookies on sites that we advertise on. If you come across these types of Cookies, they may act as an identifier if you visit our site later. For instance, Cookies of this type may alert SheCodes that you have visited a site we advertise on and saw our ad on that site. This type of information helps us better target our advertisements, as well.

Note: Certain web browsers may convey "Do Not Track" signals to websites with which they communicate. These signals tell websites not to follow or track online movements and actions. Web browsers interpret these signals differently and it is often unclear whether or not users actually intend to transmit these signals (users are often unaware if their browsers are conveying these signals). Therefore, our site does not respond to signals of this type due to lack of standardization.

Updating your Cookie Preferences

If you wish to update your Cookie Preferences at any time, you are able to do so. You can easily find the Cookie Settings of your browser by choosing 'Options' or 'Preferences' in the dropdown menu of your browser. We recommend that you make use of the 'Help' section in your browsers if you wish to discover more specific details about your use of Cookies.

You may opt out of the collection of your data by turning off or removing Cookies in your browser settings.

You may also alter the settings on your mobile devices to control whether you come into contact with targeted ads online.

Helpful Links for Further Information

If you are interested in finding out more information about Cookies and their uses, the following websites may be helpful:

Last Updated: May 2022